(How to) Submit Sitemap of a Blogger Blog to Google Webmasters

Google signifies the importance of sitemaps in one sentence – “Submit a Sitemap to tell Google about pages on your site we might not otherwise discover”. In simple words “Sitemap” is a list of all (or some of) the page URLs of a site arranged in a hierarchical fashion. It “helps” search engine bots find pages of the site. Usually sitemap is an xml file uploaded to the root of web site and its link is placed at the home page. Unfortunately Blogger does not allow uploading a file (other than images) to server so you cannot have a sitemap.xml file. Then how to create and submit the sitemap of your blogger blog to Google? Here is the simplest solution to this eternal problem:

How to submit sitemap of a Blogger blog to Google Webmasters?

1. Interestingly you don’t have to create a sitemap for blogger blogs, it is available ready-made in the form of blog’s post feed address.

2. So just go to google.com/webmasters and login with your Google Account (Gmail login ID)

3. Set up your blog at Webmasters central (if you have not done it already)

4. Click at your blog name

5. At Dashboard look for the “Sitemaps” heading (usually at the lower right corner of the page)

6. Click “Submit a sitemap” (if you have not submitted any still) or click “More”

7. At “Sitemap” page click “Submit a sitemap” button, a box will pop up

8. Type the following text (Blue) in the popup box (after blog URL)


click adjacent “Submit sitemap” button and done…..simple right?

Now rest assured as your blog’s sitemap has been successfully submitted to Google…

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