SEO Basics – Improve Blog’s Search Engine Rankings

A ridiculous number of books have been written about it, but there are few things on the Web as arcane as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) — you never know exactly what is going to boost your search engine ranking and when. Nevertheless there are certain things that can be said as truly important. SEO-ing your blog works better if you are using your own hosting and content management system (CMS)— the options available to you are far more comprehensive than free blog hosting. However, there are a few things you can do to enhance your free blog’s search ranking.


SEO-ing Free-hosted (Blogger/ Blog

Firstly, let go of any illusions you might have that Blogger users are at an advantage just because Google owns Blogger. The following tips apply almost universally too:

1. Choose your blog and post titles appropriately. It should be something catchy to grab potential readers, but search engines prefer that you include at least one keyword indicative of the post’s content in every post title.

2. Stick to a general theme for your blog. By their very nature, blogs are riddled with search keywords, and themed blogs more so.

3. Update your blog regularly. Search engines love the “live” Websites that are updated with new content on a regular basis.

4. Submit your blog(s) to popular blog listings/directories

5. Exploit the power of being linked to—make comments on high-traffic blogs (not the I-like-your-site-you-might-like-mine kind, mind you), start discussions, and get yourself blog-rolled on as many people’s blogs as possible.

6. Wherever available, always make sure that you have a permalink for each post—this helps search engines index them better.

7. Add your blog feed to your My Yahoo! and My MSN accounts. This will get you listed on Yahoo! and MSN.

SEOing A Self Hosted Blog

If you are using your own hosting, SEO becomes much easier thanks to the number of options you have. WordPress, for one, offers you its own CMS which you can deploy on your server, and there are a lot of things you can do with it. WP SEO by Yoast is the best (and free) plugin for WordPress to take care of your blog’s all SEO needs.

And lastly, DO NOT get obsessed about SEOing!!! remember once again “CONTENT IS THE KING”.

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