(How to) Report Adsense Invalid/Suspicious Click activity to Google?

Click-bombing is described as an unusually high number of clicks on Adsense ads of a publisher (shown in his/her reports). It is almost always a hostile activity done deliberately by a competitor/fellow blogger. Google is very strict over invalid-click activity and repeated clicks from same IP may get your Adsense account banned within no time. Their mechanism of click monitoring is not very sophisticated and thus your adsense account is always at risk of getting banned. In fact Google says that

“Please keep in mind that it’s your responsibility to prevent invalid activity from occurring in your account, and this form does not absolve you of that responsibility.”

So what to do if you suddenly notice extraordinary number of clicks (and earnings) in your Adsense reports? (Some tips to keep Adsense account safe and secure):

(How to) Report Adsense Invalid/Suspicious Click activity to Google?

1. Regularly check your Adsense reports (at least twice a day). This way you will have an idea of average number of clicks and earnings and will notice any deviation (suspicious activity) immediately.

2. If you have a website (other than a blogger blog) then check site’s visitors log and try to find out the IP address of the source culprit. Note down the IP and block it if you can. However blocking an IP is not a sure shot method to solve this problem as there are numerous ways to access a site. Unfortunately there is no way to track visitor’s log in blogger as of now.

3. Immediately inform Google about the suspicious click activity via this contact form (login to your Adsense account to access this page). Give as much detail as available including the suspicious IP address(es).

4. If the click- activity still continues, remove all the Adsense ad units from the site/blog as this is the only way to stop the click-bombing. Insert ad units after some time (1 to 2 days) one by one and monitor whether the activity repeats. Again report to Google if that is the case.

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