(How to) Manually submit/add your Blog to Google Blog Search?

Like Google search, Google Blog Search (GBS) is the most popular blog search engine, updated in (almost) real time. GBS automatically indexes almost all blogs that have significant content (a good number of posts), updated regularly and are relatively older (indexed by Google search). But if yours is a relatively newer blog (or it is older but still does not appear in GBS search results) then this post is for you. GBS gives an option to such bloggers to add their blog to their index. It’s quite simple to do this:

Easy method to submit a blog to Google Blog Search

Go to this page

Type your blog’s homepage URL (or your feed URL) in the box

Click “Submit Blog” and Done.

NOTE: Your blog must have a site feed (RSS, Atom etc) to get indexed in GBS. Also, if your blog service does not ping blog directories automatically (which is unlikely these days) then you will have to use the above method every time a new post is published.

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