Make Money Blogging – Product sale and merchandising

Product sale and merchandising

If your blog is limited to a particular business model or for a specific product range, you may consider offering your products for sale through your Web site and blog. This would mean that you would need to invest in setting up the relevant technology and business systems to cater to your customers. This could include: a shopping cart system, a secure payment acceptance and refund process, a fulfillment and shipping system, a merchant account, digital certificates, a digital download (FTP) facility and so on.

Digital Products

If you are an expert in your area of blogging interest and you have high quality content either in your blog or elsewhere, you may consider packaging and selling it as an eBook download. One such example is Blogger Buster (A famous and my favorite blog on blogger resources), which offer many useful e-books (Free though in this case), compiled from previously published posts. This can be further expanded to include other information products like videos and DVDs or even printed books.

Physical products

If you have actual physical products that you wish to sell through your blog you may need to pay attention to filtering out competitor’s advertisements too. Other than the physical products that you may have direct access to, you can also create merchandizing products like mugs and T-Shirts with the logo of your blog emblazoned on it. This can be easily stocked in and sold through various webstores.

Look at the following sites to give you an idea of the different options possible –

Café Press: (
Lulu: (
Ebooks: (

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