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Blogging for others (Freelance Writing)

If you find that running your own blog is too much hard work but you still want to become a professional blogger consider blogging for other people or organizations. Realizing the power of blogging, many companies, individuals and blogging networks are always on the lookout for fresh writing talent. Many businesses are starting to maintain blogs. Usually these are maintained by employees but a significant number are looking to hire specialist bloggers who can provide the necessary writing talent. These blogs will require writers who can understand the company’s business and product lines and present these to the blog visitors.

Blogging networks are sites devoted to blogging with dedicated paid writers. While the larger networks (e.g. will be difficult to break into initially, you can search for smaller networks that are just starting out and build a writing reputation there. One thing that you cannot get out of is, putting up written content that will serve as your resume. Most people looking to hire bloggers will definitely request details on your blogging experience and ask to see samples of your previous writing.

To find opportunities to be a paid blogger, take a look at these sites:

Blogger Jobs (

Bloggers for Hire (

Freelancer (

Fiverr (

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