List of Some Useful Blogging Resources

By now I believe, I have written enough in the preceding posts to get you started off on your blog. But, this is also equally true that there is at least a million times more info on the subject scattered all over the net. Here are some websites and blogs I believe you will find useful:

Professional tips for newbie-bloggers
Want to be a Pro-blogger?

1. Weblogs – A one-stop location to learn everything about blogging. Tips, tricks, and tutorials with information regarding every aspect of blogging that a beginner would be looking for.

2. CSS & Blog Design – Once you cross the chasm from being a plain old HTML hack, you will want to dive into the joys of CSS. To see what can be done with a little CSS magic, check out Design Shack’s collection of over 400 inspiring Web site and blog designs.

3. Blogger Dummies – A blog containing useful tips and tricks for Blogger and WordPress platform.

4. Blogger Buster – A very good blog providing tips, tricks and hacks for Blogger based blogs.

5. Blog Skins – If you are not yet ready to dive into the mysteries of CSS, XHTML, JavaScript, and Photoshop, then check out this site. Blog Skins is for those who “suck at design.” Or maybe you do have this great design idea in your head but you have no idea how to go about getting it out of the door. Browse through the vast collection of contributions and you are sure to find one you like. Supports most blogging platforms.

6. Blogger Templates – If you use Blogger, then this site has a collection of ready-made templates that you can use straightaway.

7. Blogger Jobs – A blog about blogging jobs. This is a frequently updated blog, listing various blogging jobs from different companies. Again, while it’s primary focus is the US, there are many purely online job postings that may be worthwhile to apply for.

8. Business Opportunities Weblog – Goes beyond just blogging opportunities. Looks at the latest in business opportunities with a special focus on online businesses.

9. Occam’s Razor – Avinash Kaushik is a self-confessed Web Analytics fan who has turned his passion into a blog. This is an informative blog that takes an in-depth look into the topic of Web site (and blog) analysis. May be useful in helping you optimise your blog.

10. Fab Freelance Writing – For those of you who prefer to get into freelance writing rather than blogging, this site offers tons of tips, suggestions and advice on how to break into the space.

11. Blogging Articles – A collection of articles devoted to the various aspects of blogging.

12. Problogger – A very popular and authority blog with huge repository of resource articles on how to become a professional blogger (and earn money blogging).

13. Shoe Money – A famous blog that discusses the issues involved in making money online, not just related to blogging.

14. Blog – Wikipedia – A comprehensive Wikipedia article covering the history of blogging and its present state. Contains a ton of links to other blogging resources.

15. Indiblogger – The most popular Indian blog directory

And the list goes on, on and on……If you have more such blogging resources, feel free to share via comments.

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