How to write HTML code in blogger blog post?

Want to write HTML code in one of your great code-editing-tutorial post but it is not showing up as you want? Well here is a simple solution.

html code blogger

How to write HTML code in Blogger blog posts as text?

It’s a nuisance in blogger, when you write HTML/JavaScript in the default post-editor it will not show up as text. Actually blogger by default tries to interpret the written code. To overcome this, you will have to alter your HTML/JavaScript as follows:

Replace all the < characters with &lt;
And all the > characters with &gt;
(Exactly the same including the semicolons).

For example if you want to write the below given code in your post
Then it will be written as &lt;b:skin&gt;&lt;![CDATA[ in the Compose box.
It is better to write your post in a text-editor like Microsoft Word and use its “Find and Replace” feature to change the above characters with ease.

Update – Please read this updated post on this topic with some easier solutions to this problem. 

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