Feedflare – A Simple Social Sharing/Bookmarking Widget for blogs


I have already discussed how social networking/bookmarking sites (Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Digg etc) can help increase your sites popularity. To utilize their potential fully, it is necessary to add a “Submit to Digg, Reddit etc…” Buttons at the end of every post so that your readers can easily bookmark the post if they want. There are many such widgets and ways to add this functionality to your blog.

Feedflare is one such service offered by FeedBurner. I suppose, most of today’s bloggers are aware of Feedburner (A google service for generating and promoting feeds for your blog or site). If you are not aware of it still, then let me tell you that Feedburner is a must-have tool for promoting your blog, it offers some great services including analysis of your blog traffic, optimization, promotion (with the help of some wonderful widgets) and even monetization (through Adsense ads displayed in Feeds of the blog) – all this for absolutely free, so if you are a serious blogger then create an account now.

Login to your FeedBurner account (with Google ID) and click the name of your blog, go to Optimize page, there click Feedflare. Here you can customize which Social Networking Site you want to add to your widget (or “Flare” as it is called) and in what sequence, also you can add more such sites to your Flare through the option of “Add new Flare” by browsing through the catalog provided. It is also an option to choose different Flares for the Blog and the Feeds. After customization just copy and paste the generated code (according to your blogging platform) into your blog template as per instructions given and you are done. The look and layout of the widget can be further customized by tweaking the code.

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