A Simple “Click-to-Add” Search-Bar widget for Blogger blogs

Content search option is an essential part of any blog/site to help visitors find anything specific they want. It is also a part of easy site-navigation from SEO point of view. A Search bar comes built-in as a part of Blogger top-navigation bar, but in this age of designer templates and customization you will hardly see that navbar in good blogs (it is usually removed or hidden). So a search-bar widget has to be added manually to the blog to make your visitors life easy. Here I present a simple “one click install” search bar widget you can add right away in your Blogger.

This is my first Blogger widget at BlogCollab. To be frank, I am not an HTML expert and it was quite a hard work for me. I dedicate it to newbie bloggers, seeking simple widgets which can be added to their Blogger blogs with ease and without much code tweaking.

To add this search box to your blog, just click the button below that will take you to blogger sign in page (if you are not already signed-in) – sign-in to blogger and follow the simple prompts – and the search bar along with a button will be added to your blog as a new page element. You can later move and customize this widget according to your preference via layout page of your blog.

Enjoy and don’t forget to say thanks……’-)

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