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(How to) Remove the Top Navigation Bar from a Blogger Blog

Have you noticed that all professional looking blogs using Google’s Blogger platform do not have that typical “Top navigation bar”. There is no option in blogger dashboard settings to remove this bar. So how do they do it? Actually its very simple and you too can do it yourself for your Blogger blog.

How to delete/remove the top Nav bar from a Blogger Blog?

For this, open your blog’s template HTML code editor (login to Blogger using Google account – go to Template – Edit HTML to access template code). Now search and find the following lines of code in your blog template (to find it press Ctrl+F at the keyboard and enter the following words and then press Enter)


Now copy following lines of code JUST AFTER or BELOW the above code

#navbar-iframe {

Preview the template. If everything is alright as desired, then save template and Bingo! your Navbar has just vanished.