Basic SEO tips for a WordPress Blog

Here are simple steps to optimize your WordPress blog for search engines –

1. PERMALINKS: By default, links to posts in a WordPress blog will look like this: Search engines do not like this much, so go to Settings > Permalinks in your admin panel and in the Custom text box, enter “/%category%/%postname%” to change the link’s appearance to This makes your blog not only SEO-friendly, but reader-friendly as well.
This applies to all CMSes, in fact—most of them support SEOfriendly URLs, either as an inbuilt feature or using a plugin—you just need to make sure that the Web server supports URL renaming.


2. Edit The Page Title: By default, your page title (the one you see in the search pages) goes thus: Blog Name | Archive | Post Title. You have to bring the post title to the beginning, so that search users can instantly know that they have found what they were looking for. This can be easily changed via WP SEO plugin in WordPress.

3. Get Sitemapped: Sitemap is usually an .xml file containing an index of all URLs of a blog neatly arranged in a chronological order. The sitemap file if present will make it easier for Google (and other Search Engine) bots to index your blog’s content. WP SEO plugin has an option to generate sitemap for WordPress blogs.
This tip applies even for non-WordPress blogs, and you can submit your sitemap to Google at

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