(How to) Automatically Tweet Blog Posts to Twitter via Feedburner?

Twitter has become an indispensable tool for web publishers (specially bloggers) to promote their content online. It is customary now to tweet the post after publishing. However manual submission is a tedious task (more so if you write posts too frequently) and considering the fact that twitter is one of the many social networking (SN) sites to submit posts. I always dream of a tool that automatically submits a post to all the SN sites after I publish it. Feedburner has provided this service for Twitter at least. How? Simple – you publish a post and Feedburer automatically submits it to twitter.

To activate this wonderful service, Login to Feedburner with your Google ID. At dashboard click on your blog name (I suppose you already have added your blog feed to Feedburner) and Go to Publicize tab. Under “Services” click “Socialize”/”Add A Twitter Account”. Here submit your twitter account’s login details and tweak “Formatting Options”. Click “Activate” and “Save” to initialize the service. As simple as that, next time when you post an entry at your blog, see it appear on Twitter instantly. This will also spare you some time to do more important things. Hope this helps you. Want to add something here?….please leave a comment.

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