Make Money Blogging – Affiliate Programs and Feed Advertising

Affiliate Programs

An affiliate is a blogger/site owner who promotes a company’s (or an advertising network’s) product(s)/service(s) at his blog/site/social media channels. By this definition, all ad networks use affiliate programs to sell different ad products including contextual and display advertising. The distinction between affiliate programs and other types of ad programs is in the revenue model. In an affiliate program, the revenue (earned money) is usually measured in terms of CPA—Cost Per Action as against CPC – Cost per Click or CPM -Cost per thousand impressions. That is, the advertiser will pay for a specific action from the user. This could be something as simple as registering for free on a Web site or more complicated like buying a product. This affiliate CPA model is less popular in comparison to other monetizing strategies described in earlier posts. Some of the top affiliate programs include:

Amazon Associates (

Shareasale (

Bravenet (

Clickbank (

Usually the revenue will be dependent on successful sales. For example, the Amazon Associates program pays commissions on books and other products sold through your referral. To extract maximum benefit from this you would need to position your referral links intelligently. Thus, if you refer to a book in your blog post, provide an affiliate link to the book on, if a reader clicks on the link and buys the book at Amazon you will receive a percentage of the sale as commission. Indiscriminately posting affiliate links and images of products on your blog should be avoided. Keep experimenting with the different products and placement plans (there are countless types of Ads to choose from on these sites) to determine if they work. If they do work, focus on how you can improve upon. If they don’t work consider removing them at the earliest. Watch out for more details on how to position your ads in upcoming posts.

RSS/ATOM Feed Advertising

This is the latest trend in which the feeds of the blog contains the ADs. A large number of blog readers prefer to have their content delivered via RSS/Atom feeds. It makes it simple and convenient for them as all their favorite content is delivered in one easily accessible location—their feed reader software or in their e-mail Inbox. This however poses as a slight disadvantage to blog owners who wish to increase their advertising potential by having visitors on their blog site.
Some of the programs which offer Feed Advertising are –

Feedvertising (

Feedburner Ad Network ( – Not working now!

Pheedo (

Feedvertising only supports the WordPress blogging platform. Pheedo on the other hand is more flexible.

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