[How to] Add Google and Yahoo verification Meta tags to a Blogger Blog?

Google and Yahoo are the biggest players in Internet search arena and once established, your blog will be getting most of the visitors referred by them (the organic traffic). So to get recognized by two giant search engines early, you need to add their verification (Authentication) Meta tags. These tags are basically required to verify that you are the owner of the site. Apart from this there are many other advantages of the same, as the Google itself says at Webmasters central “Improve your site’s visibility in Google search results”. Here is the complete guide discussing, how to add these Meta tags to blogger blogs?

1. Adding YAHOO Verification Meta tag to a Blogger Blog

You will need Yahoo ID to do this. Login to Yahoo and go to Yahoo Site Explorer.

Under “My Sites” type your Blog’s URL address (including http://) and click “Add My Site”.

At the Authentication page click at “By adding a META tag to my home page” – A Meta tag like <META name=”y_key” content=”f7b9180a81a10dba”> will be displayed with instructions to add it to site. But if you add it as such to blogger blog’s template, blogger will show an error message. To avoid it, add a slash (/) just before ending “>” in your above Meta tag.

Copy the modified code.

Now to add it to blogger blog follow the steps given below:

Login to Blogger and at Dashboard Go to “Layout/Edit HTML”

Find <head> in the template code (By pressing Ctrl+F). Paste the above copied tag JUST BELOW <head>. Save the template. Go to Authentication page and click “Ready to authenticate”, wait for the confirmation and done.

2. Adding GOOGLE Verification Meta tag

Login to “Google Webmasters” with your Gmail ID

Click on “Add a site”, enter your blog’s URL and click Continue

“Verify ownership” page will open. Choose Meta tag from “Verification method”.

Rest of the procedure is same as in the above Yahoo case: Copy the given Meta tag and paste below <head> in your blog’s template (it does not matter which Meta tag is above or below as both of Google and Yahoo will be there one after another) – now save the changes to Template.

Now go to the verification page (From where you copied the Meta tag) and click “Verify”, wait for the confirmation.

Note: These Meta tags are deleted when a new blog template is installed. So every time you change blog’s template, don’t forget to add both of the Meta tags again. Better save them in a text file. With the help of these tags you can also track your blog’s performance on several parameters (Indexed pages, in-links, external links etc).

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